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A Research Based Instrument for Observation of Mathematics Classrooms


"The OLE2 is a classroom observation instrument to document behaviors in K-12 mathematics classrooms that lead to effective teaching and learning. It emerged from a need for a valid and useful instrument to use for NSF funded research projects studying students' learning K-8 mathematics classrooms and teaching practices in the Leadership Institute for Teachers (LIFT). One goal of the LIFT research project is to study student and teacher classroom interactions and determine their relationships to student's achievement. The OLE2 has four major components broken down into concrete observable actions with exemplars to clearly measure each component. This instrument measures: 1) the teaching of the math 2) the ways students engage in the learning experience, and 3) the opportunities that make mathematics understanding accessible for students. The session affords opportunities for learning about the instrument's development and uses and to provide feedback to researchers and developers in the Leadership Institute for Teacher project."